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GANDY HOUSE-1815: Historical Preservation Society of Upper Twp, Cape May County, NJ
 Upper Township
Cape May County, NJ

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Gift Shop - Tuckahoe Train Station



~ "A History of Upper Township and Its Villages" ~ [# HPB01] @ $10.00

~ "The Postal History of Cape May County" ~ [# HPB03] @ $10.00

~ "Alwina's Articles" ~ $5.00

Items currently out of stock / awaiting re-printing:
 - "Upper Twp. Memories: Residents' ... Survey" ~ [# HPB02] @ $5.00




~ Featuring the Tuckahoe Railroad Station ~ [# HPM04] @ $6.00


~ TRAIN WHISTLE, Wooden, real-sounding ~ [# HPX08] @ $2.00

~ Weather Stick [hand-crafted in VT - devines the weather] ~ [# HPX10] @ $5.00 

~ Grape Jam [from Gandy Farmstead grapes] 6oz jar ~ [# HPX09] @ $3.00


You will find the shelves loaded with delightful gift items - US-made 19th century natural wood toys, dominos, jacks, tops, propellers, Jacobs' ladder, thaumatropes, and many more educational items.

Shopping opportunities and gift-giving are ongoing pleasures - for birthdays, anniversaries, et al. 

Merchandise is available at the Tuckahoe RR Station and at scheduled events.
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These Items and prices are available at our restored locations, when open or by appointment, and also at each of our scheduled events.  A mail order system is in the planning stage -- watch for its appearance in these pages.

In the interim, you may order by letter & phone call.  Write us a letter, listing the desired item(s) and price(s), and CALL 609-390-5656, give your phone number & MSG, to discuss Shipping and Handling (S&H) fees, upon receipt of your check for the total amount, mailed to HPSOUTNJ, POBox 658, Marmora, NJ 08223-0658,  your order will be mailed to your address.



The Historical Preservation Society of Upper Township NJ Inc.  (HPSOUTNJ)
P.O. Box 658
Marmora, NJ 08223-0658

Last Update - 25 September 2011