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GANDY HOUSE-1815: Historical Preservation Society of Upper Twp, Cape May County, NJ
 Upper Township
Cape May County, NJ

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$28.99 ($23.99 plus $5.00 shipping and handling)
NOTE:  Book orders, with payment via PayPal, will be processed and shipped.

Last Update 05 May 2020     4 pm

Gift Shop


~ "A History of Upper Township and Its Villages" ~ [# HPB01] @ $10.00

~ "Upper Twp Memories: Residents' ... Survey" ~ [# HPB02] @ $5.00

~ "The Postal History of Cape May County" ~ [# HPB03] @ $10.00



~ Featuring the Tuckahoe Railroad Station ~ [# HPM04] @ $6.00


~ TRAIN WHISTLE, Wooden, real-sounding ~ [# HPX08] @ $2.00

~ Weather Stick [hand-crafted in VT - devines the weather] ~ [# HPX10] @ $5.00 

~ Grape Jam [from Gandy Farmstead grapes] 6oz jar ~ [# HPX09] @ $3.00

~ T-Shirt, AppleFest @ Gandy House ~ [# HPX07] @ $5.00

         (Assorted sizes and colors)                                    

You will find the shelves loaded with delightful gift items - US-made 19th century natural wood toys, dominos, jacks, tops, propellors, Jacobs' ladder, thaumatropes, and many more educational items.

Shopping opportunities and gift-giving are ongoing pleasures - for birthdays, anniversaries, et al. 

The Museum Gift Shop, located in the Gandy House,
 is open during Open House days or other scheduled events,

NOTE:  Book orders, with payment via PayPal, will be processed and shipped.

Listed items are available at our restored locations, when open or by appointment, and also at each of our scheduled events.  A mail order system is in the planning stage -- watch for its appearance in these pages.

In the interim, you may order by letter & phone call.  Write us a letter, listing the desired item(s) and price(s), and CALL 609-390-5656, give your phone number & MSG, to discuss Shipping and Handling (S&H) fees, upon receipt of your check for the total amount, mailed to HPSOUTNJ, POBox 658, Marmora, NJ 08223-0658,  your order will be mailed to your address.



The Historical Preservation Society of Upper Township NJ Inc.  (HPSOUTNJ)
P.O. Box 658
Marmora, NJ 08223-0658

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Our Mission and Organization  

The mission of The Historical Preservation Society of Upper Township is to preserve the diverse history of Upper Township for the education, enlightenment and pleasure of present and future generations. 

Mission Focus:
1. Identify and research the history of early sites, buildings, and other structures that have a significant place in the early history of Upper Township.

2. Encourage and promote the knowledge and appreciation of the historical heritage of Upper Township in Cape May County, New Jersey, for the education and betterment of the community.

3. Restore and preserve historical landmarks in Upper Township. 

4. Raise funds to carry out the mission of our organization.  

5. Operate museum facilities and historic sites developing life-long learning opportunities for area residents and visitors.

6. Actively engage in the collection of artifacts, manuscripts, photographs, oral histories, etc. Relating to the history of the area.

7. Operate in a fiscally prudent manner to ensure the survival of the organization, its collections and future needs.


President:  Carol Williams

Vice President/Program Chair:  Mike Horan

Recording Secretary:  Linda Leonard

Corresponding Secretary:  Barb Horan

Treasurer:  Carroll Bailey

  Publicity Chair:  Ralph Cooper

Historian:  Bob Holden

Special Trustee:  Doug Longenecker

Trustee-at-Large:  Jake Williams


Committees and Appointees

Museum Committee Chair:  Bob Holden

Program Chair:  Mike Horan

SHOUT Newsletter Editor:  Ralph Cooper

Web Site / Social Media:  Ralph Cooper

Architectural Chair:  --

Hospitality:   --

Education:   --


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The Historical Preservation Society of Upper Township NJ Inc.
P.O. Box 658
Marmora, NJ 08223-0658


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The association maintains 3 historic sites in Upper Township:

The Friendship School
859 South Shore Road (Route 9)
Palermo, in Upper Township

The Gandy Farmstead
26 Tyler Road (Route 616)
Greenfield, in Upper Township

The Tuckahoe Train Station
Railroad Avenue and Mill Road
Tuckahoe, in Upper Township.


      Official Seal - Upper Twp.

  - See Society's Links Page for other Twp. / area groups / activities